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Ray A. Cox, Esq.
Curriculum Vitae

Our Process
Constructed around a log cabin built in 1820, our offices are comfortable and non-threatening making the mediation process easy for everyone. We find common ground and ways to creatively and peacefully resolve the case with integrity - neither party has to lose.
Our mediation process is fair, builds consensus between the parties and has enabled us to reach a common sense settlement for every case we have had.  
Our process is simple:
     - An introduction and overview of the mediation process
     - Opening statements from all parties
     - Follow up from the mediator, often includes questions
     - A joint session where the parties discuss the case and
       their position
     - Private meetings between each side and the mediator
     - Objectively and creatively resolve the case
     - Take a breath and enjoy Waynesville

"Here you will find a safe, comfortable environment where all parties are encouraged to express their concerns, listen to each other and try to understand the other side's
legal and emotional positions."

Phone: 937.291.3119  |  Fax: 937.291.3229  |  Email: RayCox@CoxDRC.com

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Dispute Resolution Center has been extremely successful in mediation and has successfully settled disputes for a number of Ohio law firms.
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Experience and Expertise of Dispute Resolution Center
With 47 years of complex litigation experience and 14 years of mediation experience for multiple parties and single party cases – we know when mediation will work.  We use our expertise to help parties find an early resolution to potentially expensive, stressful and public trials.

Our goal is to provide a fair outcome for everyone. Therefore, we avoid taking sides, making judgments or giving guidance. It is because of our ability to listen and apply innovative creative solutions that we have a reputation for quick, cost effective settlements.

Decades of litigation practice, specialized mediation training, and extensive experience in mediation have enabled us to settle every mediation case.

                        A neutral, comfortable setting in Waynesville.
When all parties can discuss their conflict in a neutral setting, a settlement usually follows.

We are located in the picturesque, historic village of Waynesville, Ohio – known as the “Antique Capital of the Midwest”.  No high-rise buildings, traffic jams, frantic parking garages or expired meters - we are in the center of this charming, Americana village for a reason.  An easy drive to scenic Waynesville will slow you down a bit, allow you to breathe a little easier, listen a little better and think a little clearer.

Here you will find a safe, comfortable environment where all parties are encouraged to express their concerns, listen to each other and try to understand the other sides’ legal and emotional positions.

We strive to facilitate settlements so you can peacefully, move on.

Dispute Resolution Center @ 2017

Areas of Practice
Because we have a sincere desire to settle every case with an outcome both parties are happy with – we have settled essentially every case presented to us.
Our extensive experience includes mediation involving these areas of practice:
     - Civil Litigation Mediation
     - Contract Disputes
     - Construction Contracts

     - Defect Issues
     - Professional, Legal and Medical Malpractice
     - Commercial and Business Matters
     - Leases
     - Product Liability
     - Uniform Commercial Conduct and Insurance Law
     - Subrogation Claims
     - General Business Matters