When all parties can discuss their conflict

in a neutral setting,

a settlement usually follows.

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In our office, there is a calmness felt during mediation versus the high drama and trauma of a court trial.

When a settlement is agreed upon, all parties will leave the process with

peace of mind and a clear understanding of how they can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Mediation should be your first choice. Litigation your last.

Conflicts can be costly and most legal disputes can be resolved through mediation. Whether a general civil case, a complex commercial case or a complicated multiple party case, when handled properly all cases can be resolved through mediation.
By choosing mediation you are retaining control over the litigation process and its outcome. You are choosing a sensible process that is:

Less expensive 
Less attorney fees and court costs incurred when settling your case in mediation.  The parties equally share the cost of mediation.

More efficient
You will bypass the lengthy discovery and trial process with a quicker resolution.
Completely confidential
The settlement is not disclosed to any party outside of the mediation hearing.
You will meet at the mediator’s office, in a neutral, less traumatic and stressful setting.
You will not have to endure the lengthy, public and unpredictable process of a trial, the costly court battle and escalated emotions.
Able to preserve a business or personal relationship between the parties
A peaceful, fair resolution can restore most relationships.
Less of a risk
You are not at the mercy of a verdict from a judge or jury.

Mediation is -
the settlement of a legal dispute between parties

guided by an experienced, neutral mediator
to reach a mutual understanding that
benefits everyone to resolve and settle a case.